Kotermak Training & Consultancy is a startup bringing together an international community of professional instructors, consultants, linguistics specialists to offer training and consultancy services.


Our services:

- training for Upstream: theoretical and practical technical training, insight into international standards and policies, occupational and industrial safety, contracting and procurement.

- consultancy: competence assessment, recommendations on training and curriculum, linguistic consultancy, HSE, and CP consultancy.


Our values:

Flexibility: due to established contacts with the experienced instructors and training facilities, we can create a curriculum that fully meets the requirements and expectations of our clients. We strive to create a unique bespoke product rather than sell "one fits all" standard programmes. If your staff is not ready to take training in English, our experienced translators will be happy to assist.

Scalability: we believe that our clients know their needs better and are ready to scale any training to develop the most appropriate course to cover the needs your company identifies. Whether you need a single specific technical course, an extensive occupational safety programme or a competency assessment, training for a small group of experts, or basic level instruction for a wide range of employees, we can deliver it for you.

Impartiality: as an independent company that neither belongs to nor is associated with any of the industry majors, be them operators or service companies, we are unbiased about products and technologies available on the market and are not interested in selling any of them. However, our instructors have extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the contemporary petroleum realm. They can equally give you an understanding of cutting-edge innovations and technologies that were in use at the dawn of the industry.