Kotermak Training & Consultancy is a startup bringing together an international community of professional instructors, consultants, linguistics specialists to offer training and consultancy services.


We would then use a number of techniques, including face to face interviews to assess each of your teams against your required competency profile and identify areas with knowledge gaps, or where any individual team has competency duplication that could be used to strengthen other teams.


These techniques can also be used to track progress through training programs and ensure that trainees are getting the maximum focussed benefit from the money that is being spent on their development. This information can then be used to validate your training program or to develop an informed basis for curriculum modifications.


Aims and Objectives

The competency profiling of your organisation will allow the most cost-effective and focussed delivery of training to your staff allowing the greatest impact from your training budget.

Who would benefit

The process is scalable from the very biggest multi-national operator to the smallest organisations.

Our instructors are also training-content creators who are flexible and responsive to the needs of the clients.

As a company, we highly value impartiality: the training courses reflect objective reality and are not aimed for advertising or promotion of any major petroleum company, it’s goods, approaches, and services.